Want to try a smart speaker but don’t have the internet?

The tech team at SSW have recognised that some SSW members may wish to experience the benefits of using a smart speaker at home without committing to the initial financial outlay for an internet connection. So, in response to this, we have launched a new service for our members which will allow you to try a smart speaker before you buy. 

How does it work? 

The trial will last for one month during which SSW will cover all costs.  This includes the setup and installation of a smart speaker (an Amazon Echo) and mobile internet. 

What if I already have the internet but just want to try a smart speaker?

The trial is open to those with and without existing internet connections.

What happens after the 1-month trial ends?

After the one month has expired you will need to return the devices or, if you would like to continue with the service, someone from the tech team will go over the internet provider and speaker options available to you.  


If you would like to try out a smart speaker on this basis, please get in touch with either Chris or Ali on 01903 235782.