Swap your old style stamps for the new version

If you’ve got the old style stamps that look like the one below, they are no longer valid. However, it is possible to swap them for their equivalent in the new format.

photo of a UK 1st class stamp from pre-2023

Old, now invalid, UK stamp

You can use Royal Mail’s Stamp Swap Out Scheme which exchanges the old non-barcoded stamps for barcoded ones.

Royal Mail opened this scheme on 31 March 2022. The Stamp Swap Out Scheme will remain open after 31 January 2023 so you can continue to swap out any old non-barcoded stamps.

How to use Royal Mail’s Stamp Swap Out Scheme:

  • To use Royal Mail’s Swap Out Scheme you will need to fill out a form and return any unused stamps.
  • There are two different forms depending on the value of your stamps. One for less than £200 worth of stamps and one for more than £200 so make sure you use the correct form.
  • You can get the ‘Stamp Swap Out’ form via the following methods:
    • Download and print off a form from the Royal Mail website.
    • If you don’t have a printer, Royal Mail can send you a form in the post. Simply complete their web form
    • You can also request a form by calling Royal Mail’s customer services team on 03457 740740.
    • If you want to pick up a form in person you can pick one up from your local Royal Mail delivery office or Post Office.
    • Alternatively, ask someone at the Centre to print one out for you.

Please note that is it not possible to directly swap stamps at the Post Office. You must complete and return the ‘Stamp Swap Out’ form along with any unused stamps to the Royal Mail freepost address provided on the for (Freepost SWAP OUT).

If you need help with this, please do ask a member of the SSW team to help you either next time you are in the Centre, or give us a call.

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