VI awareness success

Over 500 people have benefited from our impactful visual impairment awareness training in the last 18 months! This new program, spearheaded by James and Ali who themselves have experience with low vision and sight loss, has fostered a more inclusive community by educating a wide range of participants.

From students in schools and Scouts to medical professionals and staff at activity centres, the training has reached a diverse audience. Even our own dedicated staff and volunteers have participated!

This training goes beyond information. It dispels misconceptions and equips participants with practical skills to effectively support those with sight loss. This creates a stronger and more welcoming environment for everyone. James and Ali’s lived experience adds a powerful dimension to the training, making it both educational and impactful.

To build on this success we are offering this training to businesses and other organisations to increase our engagement and as a funding revenue to future proof our wonderful charity. If you would like to find out more about our awareness training for your business or organisation, give us a call or email