Talk with a Trustee: Cherry Ward

Let’s meet another of our fabulous trustees! This time we’re getting to know Cherry Ward who runs several of our activity sessions for us as well as her duties as trustee.  Name: Cherry Ward How long have you been involved with SSW?  What’s your role at SSW? I have now been involved in SSW for over 6 years firstly as a volunteer, and then became both a Trustee and a volunteer, along with providing exercise classes and taking responsibility for other activities such as Boccia and the Burns Supper event. Also, Barry & I use to do Sunday picnics and did take a group on holiday for three years….. even went overseas…. Isle of Wight! All were a great success and fond memories were made. There is many a photo on file or a tale to tell. I also carry out 1:1 drives for our members wherever they wish to be taken. Which moments at SSW have you particularly enjoyed? I thoroughly enjoy the interaction with the very varied membership we have, getting them motivated and hearing about their lives, having often found some link either in where they have lived or interests and even to the point of knowing the same people totally not associated to SSW. What do you love about living where you do? Living were we do we have everything very close to hand. We do not have to travel too far before you are in a big city or the countryside, where there are many very interesting places to visit – National Trust sites, for example – which the members have enjoyed too.



a photo showing Cherry Ward, Bob Smytherman and the lady mayor of Worthing How do you spend your free time? My free time is taken up with family and friends. We have three adult children, four adult grandchildren and one younger grandchild and two great-grand children. We are fortunate that they all live within walking distance. We have family both in Plymouth and Weymouth who we keep in contact with and try to visit regularly. We have a good circle of friends and social events are a key aspect of any circle. I do try to keep fit but long term health issues sometimes slow me down. Tell us an amazing fact about yourself… When staying in Bulawayo, Rhodesia in 1972 I attended a racehorse mare and aided the premature birth to one of twins. I had to milk the mare to start the milk flow and feed the foal. All this in full ball gown as both the vet who was on duty and I were attending a government house function.  The following day I was told by the owner and stable hand that she was a VERY difficult mare and had put quite a few staff in hospital! Another interesting fact is that I have the badge to prove that I was a Show Steward at Crufts Dog Show centenary year when they moved if from Olympia to Birmingham – my mother was senior Judge for ‘French Bulldogs’ a breed that she had bred for some years and produced a champion in her own right. Thanks Cherry – that’s a great end to a fascinating snap shot of your life and involvement with SSW.