Introducing… bLink, our new matching service

Made possible by the National Lottery Community Fund, bLink is a matching service that covers the area of Worthing and connects adults living with sight loss/ vision impairment (VI) to like-minded volunteers, to participate in activities and go to events together that they both love.

The idea behind bLink is to enable people living with sight loss or vision impairment to engage in doing the things they enjoy and access all the great things going on in their community.

How it works

We carefully match each member to a volunteer, and pairs are matched based on their common interests and preferences. Once paired, they meet and collaborate on planning activities they can enjoy together at least once a month. These activities can range from leisurely walks and coffee outings to visiting galleries or playing games.

Accessible volunteering

bLink makes volunteering more accessible for people in Worthing by encouraging people to engage in activities they already love, while actively supporting someone with sight loss/VI. Our matched pairs can share their passions with one another, and volunteers can accommodate their commitments alongside other responsibilities.

To be a volunteer, no specific experience or skills are required, apart from being friendly and having a good sense of humour! We provide training, support, and conduct DBS checks on all volunteers to ensure the safety and well-being of our members.

Get in touch with Kate, our Wellbeing Coordinator, if you would like to be involved, whether as a vision impaired adult or as a volunteer. She can be reached atΒΒ or call her onΒ 01903 235 782.

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This project has been funded by a grant from the National Lottery Community Fund