Helping our Members be Safer in Sussex

In more fantastic funding news, we have been given a grant by the Safer in Sussex community fund. Over the next 12 months we will be actively raising awareness of scams that can impact our members.

We will deliver this in many ways including:

  • Articles in the newsletter and on social media
  • Guest speakers sharing their knowledge and experiences at our Monday drop-in
  • Dedicated awareness sessions at the Centre
  • One-to-one coaching on dealing with targeted scams

All resources will be available in formats suitable for each member.

We are aware that, as part of our mission to get many of our members online, this comes with the responsibility of keeping them safe. Our aim is to ensure that our members are protected from potential scams, whatever the approach, by educating them to be able to recognise a scam and have the confidence to challlenge and report suspected scams. We would also hope that our members can then share their knowledge and experiences to help keep their families, friends and communities safe. 

During October we are focusing on scam calls so do keep an eye out for information relating to these.