Focus on blind football

Blind football – also known as 5-a-side or Paralympic football – is a modified version of football designed for visually impaired athletes. Played on a smaller pitch enclosed by boards, two teams of five players each, including a sighted goalkeeper, compete. Players wear blindfolds to ensure a level playing field, and the ball contains rattles for auditory cues.

Through verbal communication and echolocation, players navigate the pitch, aiming to score goals. The goalkeeper guides the team, emphasising teamwork and trust. Blind football promotes inclusivity, with players categorised by their level of visual impairment. It has gained international recognition, even featuring in the Paralympic games.

Some SSW staff and members recently participated in a Have a Go day organized by British Blind Sport, Member Sam and Tech Team member Ali have since signed up with Brighton and Hove Albion Foundation to learn blind football with the hopes of joining a development team and competing in the future. If blind football is something you’d like find out more about or try, head over to the Brighton and Hove Albion Foundation’s website.

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