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SSW Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Community Art Project

In conjunction with a number of local artists we will be holding joint workshops for our members to produce large banners and crowns to be displayed in Rowlands Road, ready to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in June.

We are also looking for knitters to help knit decorations as part of our Queen’s Jubilee Platinum Community Art Project. We will supply the wool and simple patterns, so you can start knitting at your leisure. There’s also a dedicated Knit and Natter session planned. See below for details.

Here’s the first of the workshops; we hope to have you along to help create something wonderful!

After School Art Workshop with Artful Pottery café
Tuesday 5th April, 4-6pm

This will be a fun session with a Pop Art theme, using fabric paints and felt to decorate the large banners.

All day workshops with Inclusive Arts
Friday 22nd and Friday 29th April

Come along and help make banners and crowns in either the morning or afternoon sessions or stay for the whole day – whatever suits you! Let us know if you will need assistance with transport.

Knit and Natter
Monday 9th May, 2-3.30pm

Join us for a special Knit and Natter afternoon when we will be joined by community knitters from Storm, who are also based close by in Rowlands Road. If you are interested in helping either at home or coming along to the Knit and Natter please contact Roz on the usual office number or email for more information.

Dates for other Jubilee Art workshops are still to be finalised so look out for more details in forthcoming newsletters and here on the website. To sign up for our newsletters, please click here.


Living Well with Sight Loss group

Have you or a family member been diagnosed with sight loss? Share experiences with others in similar situations and find out about services available to you.

SSW is pleased to be partnering with the RNIB to offer a Living Well with Sight Loss course.

This free, informal course aims to help you increase your independence, boost your confidence and connect with others to share experiences. Through these sessions you’ll get practical advice, information and guidance on organisations, products and services out there to help you.

Join us: Living Well with Sight Loss Phone Group for residents of Worthing, West Sussex.

Where: Sight Support Worthing, 48 Rowlands Rd, Worthing, BN11 3JT

What: Covering many topics related to sight loss, with talks from ECLO, West Sussex Rehabilitation Officer, RNIB.

When: Thursday 12th and 19th May 2022, 10.30 – 3pm (Face to Face group)


This is a FREE group for West Sussex residents. It is suitable for adults of all ages, including friends, family members or anyone affected by vision loss. 

Each session covers a range of topics including:

  • understanding welfare rights
  • staying independent
  • tips and gadgets for everyday living
  • eye health
  • hobbies and interests.

Participants will also learn about other organisations and services that can provide support.

Book your place today!

Call the RNIB on 0303 123 9999 or visit

Email if you have questions.


Fun at the Gun Club

SSW members were treated to a day out at the South Downs Gun Club. This was a new activity for us and proved to be very popular!

Members were expertly guided by the Club’s coaches, with everyone enjoying their stint shooting at the targets. Take a look at the photos and video below.

In fact, the event was so popular we’re planning a return visit in the Spring. If you’d like to join us, drop us an email ( or call on 01903 235782. Sign up to our email newsletter to get regular updates on our new events and activities, as well as information about our services.


SSW’s Art Class: what’s it all about?

by Roz Naylor-Smith


We held our first Online Art Class back in January and at that point only one of the members taking part had ever used Zoom before and everyone else had to download it for the first time. Right from the beginning, despite occasional issues with no sound or video connection, those taking part have been fantastic at Zooming in every week and enthusiastically giving it a go.

A fantastic mixed media picture of water lillies as created by someone in our Art Class

The results of their efforts under the expert tuition of Fiona Mcvey have, I am sure you will agree from the photos shown on the website, been amazing. On the face of it trying to teach an Art class online to visually impaired people who struggle to see a small screen, such as a tablet or iPad, should not really work. However, by carefully explaining different techniques and demonstrating them close to the camera, Fiona works on a new painting with the class each week, using a different image/picture each week as a starting point and we provide a copy of these to everyone for reference.

Fiona has said that it is her aim is to encourage and support the artists who want to continue painting and newcomers who may not have put brush to paper since school. She has introduced them to new techniques and given tips to help with their sight loss and to finding different ways to add paint to paper. These have included using special tape to mark out parts of the picture or picking bold strong colours to use that can be more easily seen. Her top tip, though, is to enjoy the process and not to try and reproduce a picture in the colours you think it should be, but instead to use the colours you can see.

Many famous artists including Claude Monet, Edgar Degas and modernist Georgia O’Keefe continued painting after their sight impairments changed their view of the world. Claude Monet, in particular, after his sight started to fail with cataracts, used stronger colours and his work became looser and even more impressionistic but was still very recognisable.

When asked about the Art Class one of the members said the following: “I really enjoy my Tuesday mornings with the Art Class. Not only do we receive guidance in painting and mixing colours from Fiona, but we meet up on Zoom with other friends who have eyesight difficulties, so we do just what we can see. Not only does the morning fly by but, if in any doubt, the session is recorded so we can see it again! It gives me inspiration to draw/paint other things which helps to while away the time by focusing the hand and mind to do something.”

It has been great to not only see all the beautiful pictures produced each week but also what has been lovely is the social side of the class, with the members getting to know each other, sharing stories and experiences and starting to form new friendships. Above all, the class is a way for everyone to have fun …. Fiona reminded us of the words of George Bernard Shaw who said “we don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing”.

It has yet to be fully decided whether the Art Class will stay online, be brought back into the Centre or whether we will be able to continue with a mixture of different formats, but it will definitely continue in some form. Hopefully, others might now be inspired to join the class, either to try something new or to rekindle an old passion for painting by learning to paint again in a different way. If you would be interested in taking part, please get in contact.


Join us for a bike ride at Brooklands!

We have a trip planned to Brooklands Park in Lancing to take part in an adaptive cycling session with Cycall.

Join us on 10th June as we take the minibus for an exciting excursion! We’ve space for 6 members so get in touch if you’d like a place. Our cycling session starts at 11am so we’ll be setting off to get there in time.

We are joining up with Cycall, an inclusive cycling project who have a great range of adapted cycling equipment that can be pedaled round the track. Alternatively you can just sit back and enjoy the ride while a ‘buddy’ rider does the hard work!

There will be full Covid safety measures in place and transport to and from Brooklands will be available

Darren on an adapted bike at Brooklands Park Worthing

Cycall is a fantastic volunteer-run organisation that provides adapted cycles for disabled adults and children or anyone with a health issue which prevents them from accessing cycling. As you can see from the photos, there’s all sorts of bikes available so there’s something to suit everyone! You can find out more about Cycall and their activities on their website or their Facebook page.

For more details or to book your place, contact or call 01903 235782

A Van Raam EasyGo Trike being used at Brooklands Park Worthing



The benefits of volunteering

Sight Support Worthing couldn’t function as well as we do without the amazing help and support of our volunteer Sight Supporters. They undertake a range of valuable tasks for us, and they get a real feel-good factor from helping our clients! Each volunteer has their own reasons for giving their time and energy to us, and chances are some of those are listed  below. Take a look at some of the brilliant benefits of becoming a volunteer:  

Make a difference – yes, there’s no denying it: you will make a difference to everyone involved in Sight Support Worthing or wherever you choose to volunteer. Some days it might be small and help one person, other days you might do something that helps a whole crowd. Either way, you will affect someone, somehow in a positive way. 

Gain confidence and build self-esteem – not all of us are as confident as we’d like, and volunteering is a great way to remedy this. Once you start volunteering you’ll begin to get a sense of accomplishment and pride in your achievements, especially when you see the difference you’re making to others. Your confidence and sense of achievement will be boosted even higher if your volunteer role takes you out of your comfort zone. 

This self-assurance will then spill over into other areas of your life so you’ll feel more confident and positive at home or work. If you’re shy, putting yourself into unknown (but hopefully welcoming) situations can condition you to find them less scary. Win-win. 

Create new connections – whether you come away with a brand new best friend or find somewhere to have a regular chat with friendly faces, you’ll form new connections with like-minded people. If you’re someone who finds life a little lonely at times, volunteering is an excellent way to combat this. Choose somewhere to volunteer where you’ll be amongst people and you’ll be part of a whole new community. 

Makes you happier – as humans we’re wired to want to help others, so the brain reacts well to situations when it knows you’re doing that, and makes you feel happier. Choosing a volunteering opportunity that’s right for you will also mean you spend that time having fun – and who doesn’t want an extra bit of fun in their life?! 

Sense of purpose – most people choose to volunteer for an organisation or issue that is important to them. By giving your time and energy for free, and helping others achieve something, you’ll be boosting your sense of purpose and with it your feelings of happiness.  Studies have shown that volunteering can help with depression, anxiety and other negative feelings by providing that regular sense of purpose and a positive reason to get up and out of the house. 

Help with your career – volunteering offers opportunities to learn new skills and many of those will be transferable to other aspects of life including work. It’ll also show any employer that you go above and beyond and take time to help others; who wouldn’t want someone like that working with them? Volunteering is especially good if you’re lacking in work experience as it can provide you with new skills and proof of attributes that can then be added to a CV or used as examples in job interviews. Say you’d like to work in admin… find a volunteering role that will see you helping out with filing, perhaps doing a stock inventory, or maybe sorting out mail. The more you help out, the more you will learn. 

So if you score one or more of these benefits while volunteering, you’re on to a winner. Perhaps you’re already volunteering and can add to our list of benefits? What do you gain from being a volunteer? 

We’re always on the lookout for people like you to help us in volunteer roles. Take a look at our web page dedicated to volunteering opportunities at Sight Support Worthing or get in touch for a chat.


New weekly activity: Chair yoga with Renée

Join us online every Thursday for our exciting new chair yoga class. Led by Renée, these sessions will help you become more flexible, strengthen muscles and improve balance. These sessions are open to anyone with a visual impairment so do join us!

Depending on which is most comfortable, you can do the moves with seated or standing modifications. If yoga is completely new to you, do not worry: Renée will guide you through each pose with full instructions.

Classes are held over Zoom. If you do not have access to Zoom, do get in touch as we have options available to help you.

For more information or to book, contact or phone 01903 235782.


Art is for everyone! Join our Online Art Class

Whether you’re an experienced painter, or you’ve never so much as picked up a brush before, you’re welcome at our online art class! It is suitable for anyone with a sight impairment regardless of artistic experience. Paint, draw, sketch, glue, etch, cut – the choice is yours!

We meet every Tuesday from 10.30AM – 11.30AM.

For more information, give Roz a call on 01903 235782 or email her:

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