Beat the heat: tips for staying safe in hot weather


The UK Health Security Agency has produced a poster with tips to help you ‘Beat the Heat’ during heatwaves. You can see the English language version below and it is available as a downloadable PDF in many other languages too. Take a look here.


We have also included the tips as an accessible text-based list below the image of the poster.

an example of the poster with tips to Beat the Heat


Keep in touch.

Look after yourself, older people and the young.

Listen to the weather forecast and the news.

Plan ahead to avoid the heat.

Keep well.

Drink plenty of fluids and avoid excess alcohol.

Dress appropriately for the weather.

Slow down when it is hot.

Find somewhere cool.

Know how to keep your home cool.

Go indoors or outdoors, whichever feels cooler.

Cars get hot, avoid closed spaces.

Watch out.

Be on the lookout for signs of heat related illness.

Cool your skin with water, slow down and drink water.

Stay safe when swimming.

Get help. Call NHS 111 or in an emergency 999.


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