App of the month: EasyReader

Our app of the month for May is EasyReader by Dolphin. This is a free to download app that is available on most smartphones and tablets. As the name implies, it’s designed to give you increased and enhanced access to both ebooks and audiobooks:

  • Access ebooks and audiobooks: Connect to over 40 libraries and bookstores worldwide, including RNIB Reading Services. This gives you access to a vast collection of accessible ebooks and audiobooks.
  • Customizable reading experience: Adjust text size, color schemes, and fonts to suit your reading preferences. EasyReader also offers dyslexia-friendly features and synchronized text highlighting for audiobooks.
  • Multiple reading methods: Read with magnified text, listen to audiobooks, or combine both (text gets highlighted as it’s read aloud). Braille displays are also supported.

To find out more, contact Tom or Ali in the Tech Team, or you can download it yourself and start using it:

Click here for iOS (Apple) phones and tablets

Click here for Android phones and tablets