Win big with our Blue Monday prize draw!

As part of our monthly Golden Balls lottery draw we’re launching a new big prize draw to take place in January. Drawn on the third Monday of January – typically known as ‘Blue Monday’ – we are offering a guaranteed 1st prize of £200, four 2nd prizes of £50 and three 3rd prizes of £10. For just £2 per ticket you can be part of this brilliant new venture! If you already take part, you’ll automatically be included.

The draw will be held on Monday 16th January at 11am. Join Bob Smytherman, our President, during the coffee morning drop-in and witness our inaugural Blue Monday draw!

To take part, either talk to a member of staff when you’re at the Centre, call us on 01903 235782, or send us an email.

Although you can choose to just enter the January draw, we’d love it if you would consider signing up to the draw for six months or perhaps a year. Recently the top prize has been around £40 and this will increase the more players take part!