Welcome to our new intern, Asriel

This month we’ve welcomed a new member to the SSW team: Asriel, who joins us as part of the intern scheme supported by Thomas Pocklington Trust and RNIB. Asriel will be with us for 9 months in this role. Welcome Asriel….

“Hello, I’m Asriel (he/him). A lot of people just call me Az. You can’t miss me, with my white hair and alternative clothing choice. I work up in the office doing administration work. However, I can often be found helping out with activities downstairs and sometimes out on trips. I was hired by SSW as part of an internship scheme with Thomas Pocklington Trust. I am here for nine months and very much enjoy my job.

“If you ever need any help over the phone or just a general chat when times are hard, feel free to ask for me. I have personal experience with mental illness as well as mental health first aid training and trauma training so am always happy to help. I also work with several of the other lovely members of staff as we are hoping to start a youth club and broaden our mental health services. A huge thanks to everyone for making my first two weeks so great!”

A few fun facts about me:

  • I work as a freelance artist and writer in my spare time.
  • I adore reading and am always happy to start a conversation about
  • I’m music obsessed and, although I don’t play an instrument, I spent
    eighty two days listening to Spotify last year!

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