Tell us about your experiences of being out and about in Worthing

We’d love to hear about your experiences of being out in Worthing and travelling around the town. Good or bad, tell us what has affected your ability to manoeuvre the pavements or access particular facilities.

  • Is street clutter making days out hazardous for you or have you been pleasantly surprised?
  • Do you use public transport and are there aspects you love and some that could do with changing?
  • What improvements would you like to be made to Worthing to make it easier for you, as someone with a visual impairment, to get from A to B?

Staff from Sight Support Worthing will shortly be meeting with a representative from Adur and Worthing Council and we’d love to hear from members (or anyone with a visual impairment, or their carers) who have feedback and suggestions that we can give to the council about making the town more accessible and welcoming for everyone.

Either email us at or give us a call on 01903 235782.