Sight Support Worthing, the year ahead: improving our communication with members

improving our communication with members

Each year the trustees and staff of Sight Support Worthing discuss their key aims and objectives for the year ahead. This year, despite all the unusual circumstances, is no different. We’ve lots of exciting plans in the pipeline, and we’ll be updating you as and when progress takes place.

One objective this year is to improve our communication and how we interact with our members. Historically our main method of communication has been face-to-face, whether at our events, activities or just when members have popped into the Centre for a chat or seeking advice. This changed dramatically last year when that just wasn’t possible. Phone and email have also been well utilised by staff, volunteers and members over the years, and we’ve now added Zoom to the methods we use.Person using smart phone While we were, essentially, forced to quickly implement tools such as Zoom, it has highlighted how communication has moved on, and different methods offer different benefits. It is certainly not a case of one size fits all!

Although we cannot wait to see our members and volunteers again at the Centre, we also want to both keep in place, and improve on, every type of communication that is feasible. Zoom will continue to be used for those who aren’t able to get to the Centre for activities. Why not carry on with those activities, and bring people at home – wherever that might be – to the Centre to join in the fun with their friends?people catching up over coffee We also hope to use email more, not just to keep our members informed, but also to ensure family and friends are kept in the loop, as well as professionals who work and support our members. If you’d like to be added to our mailing list, you can do that here.

As a membership organisation we’re always keen to hear how you prefer to be communicated with. Do you love the opportunities Zoom presents? Are you keen to have weekly updates by email? Perhaps you’re a keen social media user… do let us know your preferences and make sure your details are up-to-date on our database.

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