Do you have memories of Homefield and Beach House Parks?

Local historian Chris Hare is currently involved in a project recording people’s memories of Homefield and Beach House Parks.

Chris believes that some members – especially if they were born in Worthing – might have a lot of memories of playing in the parks – especially Homefield – when they were children.

Chris plans to visit the Centre to interview and record a group of members about their memories of these Worthing parks.

The aspects Chris is interested in include:

  • Memories of the park keeper, Mr Collins
  • Memories of the park before the southern part was lost to the extension of the hospital
  • The ornamental lake that used to be there
  • The August Bank Holiday Fair
  • Wartime use of the park – allotments/ static water tank
  • How people enjoyed themselves in the park when they were young.

As well as Homefield Park, Chris is also interested in memories of Beach House Park and Denton Gardens.

Reminiscence work has been shown to have many health benefits for older people as it affirms the value and meaning of their lives. If you (or someone you know) would like to be part of this fascinating and valuable project, get in touch with the Centre either by email ( or phone 01903 235782

Photo in the image is Beach House Park cc-by-sa/2.0 – © Paul Gillett –