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What is Counselling?

Counselling is a talking therapeutic relationship that can encourage personal growth, positive change, and healing through a process of exploration and expression. It can help by focusing on areas of difficulty that prevent us from coping and moving forward with life. Counselling is provided by professionally trained and qualified counsellors, and is completely confidential.

How can Counselling help?

Counselling can support you with many issues and areas of your life that cause difficulties including low mood, depression, anxiety, low confidence, and self-esteem. You may have had a difficult life experience such as a bereavement or been impacted by a disability including sight loss, or other kinds of loss and change.

How does it work?

Counselling will be offered as a face-to-face service and will be provided at SSW. Alternatively, counselling can be offered as a telephone service, allowing flexibility to meet our clients needs.

What is a Counselling Assessment?

A counselling assessment provides an opportunity for both counsellor and client to decide whether counselling is the most appropriate and suitable option to meet a client’s needs. This is achieved by gathering information to form a holistic view of any presenting issues, difficulties and challenges, as well as identifying strengths, limitations and support networks.

Who can access the service and how much does it cost?

The counselling service is available to people who are visually impaired or blind, and live in Sussex (and are members of the charity?). Our service is provided free of charge.

How long will it last?

Clients requiring counselling will be offered up to 16 consecutive sessions lasting 50 minutes. If further counselling is needed, clients may be offered additional sessions. However, if there is high demand for the service it might be necessary to be placed on a waiting list until appointments become available.

How to access this service?

You can simply contact us via our website, email, or telephone number and speak to a member of the Wellbeing team. Once an enquiry has been received, we aim to respond within 2 weeks and offer a counselling assessment within 6 weeks. There may be a waiting list for counselling as demand for the service is high.